Hey girl!

Thanks for peeking your head in to see about little ol’ me. I’m Candace. I work full-time as a Data & Performance Coordinator for a San Diego nonprofit, and recently earned my Master’s degree in Strategic Organizational Leadership.

It started with an olive, now I’m here!

Allergies. Eczema. Acne. Dry skin. There’s a reason why those in my circle refer to me as a “delicate flower.” My current interest in green beauty was the natural progression of my desire to avoid the harmful side effects of certain medications.  When I learned of the healing powers of olive leaf back in 2009, that research paved the way for my slight obsession with all things non-toxic, safe and sustainable. Knowing what I know, I’d much rather drink an herbal tea to ward off the sniffles than pop a toxic pill. Why paint my nails with formaldehyde if I don’t have to?

My only goal here is to provide you with enough information, reviews and tutorials to make your transition to cleaner beauty as smooth as possible. To help me fulfill this goal, I do encourage you to reach out with any questions or requests. I’m here for you! 

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Rubbing it down with toxic chemicals is so 1995. 

Connect with me in the way most comfortable for you. I’m mainly on Instagram, and occasionally on Pinterest and YouTube. If we share the same offline interests in company culture, organizational leadership or nonprofit management, please connect with me on LinkedIn.

Be well!

San Diego, CA