Calamine Lotion for Oily Skin


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Right now is a prime time to talk about priming (corny, don’t judge me)! I stopped using Milk of Magnesia as a face primer when I read about how damaging it could be to the skin over time. MoM is too acidic for daily use, and breaks down your skin’s protective barrier if you use it too often. No thanks! My boyfriend was absolutely disgusted to know I was priming my face with a laxative, but that didn’t bother me (LOL!). The long-term results did! I noticed the oiliness and acne were worse on the days when I didn’t prime my face with the MoM. I knew I had to find something else, so I was excited to stumble upon a blogger chatting up calamine lotion as a safer alternative.  Continue reading

May VeganCuts Beauty Box First Impressions


Hey, beautiful people! My May VeganCuts Beauty Box arrived in the mail yesterday, so I thought I’d share my first impressions with you. I also included a few discount codes for anyone interested. Enjoy!

The Terre Mere Cosmetics blush brush ($34 value) I received is a 100% cruelty-free brush ergonomically designed to highlight your features for a subtle glow. I haven’t used it yet, but I’ll likely add it to my brush rotation. Very delicate, but dense enough to pick up mineral blush. I’m looking forward to trying it out. Until June 30, 2016, take 50% off your entire purchase with code “VEGANCUTS” at Nice! Continue reading

The Magic of Oils For Skin Care


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One of the key differences between conventional skin care and natural or organic skin care is not the “active” ingredients such as green tea or vitamin c, which excluding water may make up to about 5% of any product, rather it lies with the base ingredients. In natural skin care, the base ingredients are often a mix of vegetable oils and butters or waxes in contrast to the synthetic ingredients often found in conventional skin care. The use of base oils has enormous benefit for the skin. Instead of being an inert (non-active) synthetic carrier for the active ingredients, base oils contain nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that support and nourish the skin. I would go so far as to count base oils as active ingredients in skin care. So, in fact, in natural products up to 95% of any product has a supportive “active” effect on the skin. In comparison, the synthetic base ingredients in conventional skin care by enlarge, lack significant therapeutic benefit.

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22 Black-Owned Non-Toxic Beauty Brands


Black-Owned Clean Beauty Brands

The Goal Digger Barbie blog exists to uplift and advocate for non-toxic, natural and organic beauty brands. We also exist to uplift and advocate for women underrepresented in the beauty and fashion industries. Black women. Disproportionately we are excluded, and disproportionately we are harmed by the indirect (and often direct) message society sends: You can’t sit with us!

Certain brands say different. These black-owned beauty brands were created by men and women of color, offering non-toxic, vegan, natural and/or cruelty-free options in skincare, cosmetics, and hair care. Have a seat at their table. You’re invited!

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