My Faves

So you made the switch to natural skin care and beauty products. Go you! Here you’ll find my go-to products for clean beauty. As I discover new products that consistently work for me, I will update the list. Conversely, if old favorites no longer do it for me, I will swap them out for new loves. I said all that to say this: Check back often! This page will be in a constant state of flux.

Important: My skin type is oily (face), extremely dry (body) and sometimes annoying (hyper-pigmentation with the occasional food-related eczema flare on my back and legs). Hormonal acne is the occasional adventure as well, but switching to a plant-based diet has alleviated much of that. My product choices reflect all of this. Please purchase skin care products designed for your personal skin type.

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Shop Page Under Construction! Check Back soon for an updated list of my faves!

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