4 Life Lessons from Wildflowers


Daisy: What kind of a garden do you come from?
Alice: Oh, I don’t come from any garden.
Daisy: Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?

Alice in Wonderland

Hello lovely! I pray you are well. I stumbled upon this gem of a quote online yesterday, and for some reason it continues to speak to me. Do you suppose I’m a wildflower? I mean, it would explain why I don’t like being fussed over, why I pride myself on being low-maintenance, and why packing my bags to drive to the other side of the country for a boy I barely knew was such an easy decision 8 years ago. I seem to always follow the wind. Do you suppose, just maybe, I’m a wildflower? I feel at home when I’m wandering. When I’m exploring. When I’m alone. When I’m lost. Continue reading